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"Wanderlust" Postcard Series

A simple collection of postcards.

$1.91 at > deviantART Store


Boardgame Collection

Play online for free with Table Top Simulator or grab them both at Game Crafter Market.

Winter Gambit is like the classic Stratego game but with elements of Poker.

Ocean Hunter is a tactical hidden movement game for two players mixing elements from Fury of Dracula and Captain Sonar.

Winter Gambit $5.99 at > The Game Crafter

Ocean Hunter $39.99 at > The Game Crafter

the last poem.jpg

Book Collection

The Last Poem is an artful book of over 100 poems spanning 2 decades.

Void Momentous is a book of philosophy focusing on the exploration of ethics in modern society.

Poems for $5.96 at > Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Lulu

Void Momentous $12.64 at > Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Wallmart

Void Momentous eBook $4.29 at > Kobo


Please note we are no longer carrying the plasma saber socks (yes amusing) or various promotional items such as t-shirts associated with kickstarters or ad campaigns. Thank you.

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